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Samsung WAVE 525

Smart Touch Integration
Experience the thrill of total touch Integration with Wave525. Loaded with an array of premium features – abundant Samsung apps, integrated messaging, Wi-Fi, a 3.2 MP camera, music player and more – Wave525 delivers an expansive, service oriented experience, perfect for those who want the most from their mobile. Supported by Samsung’s innovative bada platform.

Wave525 lets you choose from 11 different categories of exciting next-generation apps, so you can continually customize your mobile experience to suit and enhance your particular lifestyle. And with Wave525’s single-screen, social hub(integrated phonebook, push e-mail, SNS, IM and calendar) and social mapping tools like Google Latitude, family and friends are never more than just a touch away.
Fun & Useful Apps in Samsung Apps
With Wave525’s abundant supply of next-generation apps you can enjoy an expansive mobile experience customized to suit your particular lifestyle. Supported by the service-oriented, bada platform, Wave lets developers continually create new apps—games, e-books, news, utility and more—to keep your mobile experience fresh and continually expanding. It offers more than 80 freemium* applications and includes convenient support services like in-app purchase support, background D/L and update notifications.
* freemium = free + premium.
Social Hub : Anytime, Anywhere - Share Life Experiences
Phonebook seamlessly integrates all of your SNS, IM, e-mail and calendar accounts, so you no longer need to spend time checking separate sites.

- Features are clearly organized into four categories : Info, History, Activities and Media.
- Sync with various web calendars and send event invitations to friends instantly.
Social Mapping
Wave525 comes complete with an innovate social mapping tool so you can more easily store your location of pictures you took. With geo-tagging, you can stamp all your photos with metadata so your images come to life.
Rapid Connectivity
Wave525 delivers the fastest wireless LAN available, so you never have to wait to enjoy your favorite games, video, and apps. Wave’s lightning quick 802.11b/g/n connectivity provides ample support for Samsung apps service on 2.5 G, letting you enjoy next generation apps not supported by most other mobiles. And Wave525 comes with BT 3.0+EDR and microUSB, so no matter where you are, you’re always connected.
Intuitive TouchWiz UI 3.0
Advanced TouchWiz UI makes your mobile experience more intuitive and easy. Enhanced homescreen can be customized up to 10 screens. Also advanced widgets such as daily briefing and buddies now let you access many information directly.
Timeless Design
Wave525 offers a sleek, compact design perfect for those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. Slim 11.9 mm body fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and a a wide 3.2” WQVGA display lets you comfortably view games, videos, pictures and more.
3.2MP Camera
You don’t need to lug around a separate digital camera as long as they have their mobile. With the embedded 3.2 MP camera, you will be able to ensure the photos always come out looking great.
You will have music on demand on your mobile. Sound quality is attuned to genre so you can enjoy the highest audio fidelity whether you listen to classical, jazz or rock. True-to-life sound quality through Sound Alive offers you various 3D sound effects and Music Recognition function helps you identify new songs and purchase them directly to the mobile.