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Samsung WAVE

Smart Messaging for Your Social Life
The Wave533 is your one-stop command central for all your social communication, whether you’re sending SMS, checking Email, updating SNS, or chatting on Instant Messenger. Stay socially in touch from anywhere easier than ever thanks to integrated messaging solutions. Through the Samsung Apps, you can access to a multitude of applications.
Samsung Wave533 – your partner to an active social life!
Full QWERTY Keyboard
The QWERTY keyboard offers you the choice to use the touch screen or the QWERTY keyboard according to your needs. Inputting long messages is easier using the familiar layout, enabling you to write email, chat online using instant messenger, update SNS, etc. When the QWERTY keypad is engaged, the screen view automatically switches to wide view (landscape mode) for optimal viewing.
Native SNS Applications & Instant Messenger
You will enjoy anytime, anywhere access to Facebook and Twitter right from the mobile. The native applications work seamlessly, providing full features so users never miss a tweet, a status update or a posting from friends. You will be able to stay connected socially without being wired down. In addition, various instant messengers can be accessed from one single platform for easy access to various IM contacts.
Social Hub – the Ultimate Inbox
Like a command central, Samsung Wave 533 offers a one-stop hub for all social communications, whether you are emailing someone, sending an SMS or MMS, connecting through SNS or initiating Instant Messenger. This social hub allows you to go to one place to access, organize and view all their communications, including easy-setup multiple email accounts.
Phonebook Integrating All Information
The phonebook acts as a one-stop hub for all your messaging needs. Icons for SMS, SNS, IM, email, etc. are displayed next to each contact’s name – giving you a simplified way to get in contact with friends through various means. The phonebook also enables you to view contact info and friends’ activities, which are organized into info, history, activities and media categories.
Samsung Apps
Now you can expand the functionality of your mobile with your choice of applications, now available for downloading from the Samsung App Store. You can easily download up to 80 free premium apps hassle free in addition to more and more apps being added to the store every day.
Social Mapping
GPS services help put you on the social map. Geo Tagging enables you to enhance location based services by tagging photos with GPS info and exploring points of interest in different areas.
Always Connected through Wi-Fi
You will always stay connected no matter where you are. Wi-Fi offers a fast connection to the internet so you can access social networking sites, instant messaging services, email and web searching. Even without a PC, you’ll always be connected to the web wherever Wi-Fi is available.
Enhanced Entertainment
Whether commuting or just enjoying some downtime, Wave533 offers enhanced multimedia options to keep you entertained on the go. You can enjoy your favorite tunes using your favorite earphones thanks to the 3.5mm ear jack.
Even though the mobile is small, the sound is not; SoundAlive gives the acoustics a natural sounding boost for amazing mobile sound fidelity. Samsung Kies helps you browse and download a variety of fun applications to expand your multimedia repertoire!