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Brand Story

Smartphone for Everyone
Samsung bada is a vast area where ideas, cultures, and experiences around the world interact with people. The value of bada is to give people diverse experiences to reach their full potential through creation, adventure, and challenges.
01. Symbol, Logotype
Consistent use of the bada symbol and logotype will help build visibility and recognition for the bada offering. Please do not redraw the logo or alter the placement or size relationships of its elements.

  • [download]
  • Gradient type (Primary usage)
    Used whenever possible.

  • [download]

  • [download]
  • Solid type (Secondary usage)
    Used only for applications with limited color.
    Note: Use only when the gradient type cannot be used for cost or production reasons.
02. Color System
  • bada Blue
  • Spot : Pantone 3005C
  • Process : C100/M35/Y0/K0
  • RGB Web : R0/G129/B198
  • Web Hex : #0081C6
  • bada Deep Blue
  • Spot : Pantone 2945C
  • Process : C100/M75/Y0/K20
  • RGB Web : R0/G69/B140
  • Web Hex : #00458C
  • bada Light Blue
  • Spot : Pantone 297C
  • Process : C50/M0/Y0/K0
  • RGB Web : R114/G205/B244
  • Web Hex : #72CDF4
03. Graphic Motif
The graphic motif is the most visible representation of the bada offering.
04. Capitalization Rules
“bada” should appear in lowercase letters : “b”, “a”, “d” and “a”