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bada Platform
Samsung bada is a feature-rich smartphone platform to enable the creation of a variety of applications, satisfying diverse and innovative application requirements.
The Samsung bada platform is composed of various features and services. Details of bada are as follows.
Samsung bada has three categories of UI elements to build highly interactive and engaging applications: Common UI elements, adaptive UI elements, and advanced interaction UI elements. These provide rich UI controls, mapping capabilities, web integration, and Flash™. Multi-touch, vibration, motion, sensors, and face recognition are just a few of the other advanced tools available to developers.
The Samsung bada API provides a rich set of namespaces and classes for game development. Support for OpenGL/ES for 3D graphics, multi-touch, and various sensors enable you to create rich, exciting, and fun games. Some of the more interesting audio capabilities in bada let you mix sound effects with music, to name but a few.
The Networking portion of the bada API provides support for communication between devices or between devices and servers. Wi-Fi functionality in bada supports both infrastructure and ad-hoc modes.
Other high-level networking functionality includes Bluetooth, while lower level tools include both an HTTP toolkit and a sockets toolkit for maximum networking control.
Rich Internet functionality in bada starts with the Web namespace that lets you display HTML web pages in bada applications. Samsung bada includes the Dolphin browser with support for HTML 4.01 and HTML5.
For managing media, the Media portion of the bada API supports a variety of audio, video, and image formats, including recording and streaming. It also provides remote media file management tools, such as remote storage and sharing.
Location Based Services (LBS)
LBS in bada supports positioning and map-related functions. Other LBS features include routing functions to inform applications of the route between two points, and POI search to inform applications of location information such as restaurants and gas stations.
Social Networking
The SNS namespace lets you build socially aware applications. It provides user profiling and friend making for social networking. SNS also gives you direct access to external social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.
The Samsung bada platform API provides Commerce features to enable commercial transactions in applications, such as trading game items and selling music, so developers can provide free applications that turn a profit from internal sales. The Commerce features include credit card billing.
Development Tool
bada SDK includes most tools you need to create applications, such as a compiler, debugger, simulator, documentation, and sample applications. The Eclipse-based IDE helps you develop applications quickly and easily. You can test your application on your development machine using the Simulator with support for artificial events, such as multipoint touch, calls, SMS, network, location, battery level, and various sensors. The Remote Test Lab in bada lets you test your application on live remote devices.
Developer Support
Full bada application developer support
Samsung bada provides full technical support for bada application development.
Samsung has established a global bada Evangelist network ,Korea, UK, US, India, China, etc., to provide the best developer support program through both online and face-to-face and bada application development classes with universities and education institutes. In addition, Samsung is having ‘bada Developer Day’s to meet bada developers all over the world.
Samsung provides a wealth of information and full technical support via the bada Developer Site (
bada Developer Site: Full technical support.
bada Developer Site: Full technical support
The bada Developer Site provides development tools including an SDK and IDE as well as relevant technical information. Materials include video tutorials, blogs, sample code, and the latest news of bada. You can ask and discuss technical issues in the forums (English, Chinese, Korean) and through the Premium Support menu at the site. The forum provides communities and discussion boards, which encourage bada application developers and Samsung technicians to discuss technical issues. Premium Support is available for partners and it provides One-to-One Q&A support, enabling bada application development with tightly-coupled technical support from Samsung.

Application Store and Certification
Samsung Apps makes your bada phone smarter
Samsung Apps ( is a marketplace designed to provide a variety of mobile applications specially developed and carefully selected for Samsung bada phones. Samsung Apps allows you to simply and easily download an abundance of applications directly to your phone. Featuring a wealth of games, news, reference, social networking, navigation, and other applications, Samsung Apps makes your bada Smartphone smarter.
bada Developer Site: Full technical support
Samsung Apps provides bada developers a variety of business opportunities
Samsung Apps has a developer-friendly business policy. Developers receive 70% of sales for their paid applications. Samsung Apps Seller Office ( is a service supporting application registration and sales activities to sell applications through Samsung Apps. Developers can upload their applications and check how many downloads have been made and how much profit they have earned. You can also use other revenue stream methods, such as In App Purchases and ads, to enhance your bottom line. Developers can promote their applications using a variety of promotional tools, such as banners, discounts, and events.

Developer-Friendly Certification Process
Application certification determines if the application is appropriate for Samsung Apps.
The certification process of Samsung Apps has several advantages compared with other application stores. Samsung provides developers with guidelines and a helpful self-check list to help developers easily create application. The Samsung certification process also provides rapid feedback with detailed information so that the total certification period is completed within 7 days (Avg. 3~4 days) to satisfy developers’ business target schedules.
For more information, please visit Seller Office.